Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Are you a StinkyKid?


I am StinkyKid Britt and I am a StinkyKid!  Are you?  

If you don't know what a StinkyKid is, let me share my explanation with you.

A StinkyKid is a little stinKer (I'm sure your parents have called you this before!).  

A StinkyKid is a person who sometimes gets into mischief, and ALWAYS helps their friends out of a jam.

A StinkyKid is a real kid who enjoys jumping in puddles, getting dirty in the sand or laughing from a funny noise.  

A StinkyKid LOVES a good belly laugh, acts before thinking, gets messy and is honest.  He/She is smart, but may not always make the right choices, and sometimes gets into trouble.  

Innocent, happy and enjoys the simple pleasures of life.  A StinkyKid is a GOOD kid!  Empathetic, thoughtful and kind and who is their own Superhero as she/he strives to be a Leader of Good.

So..are you a StinkyKid?  GREAT!!  Then you will LOVE to follow me, StinkyKid Britt on my mischievous adventures with my other StinkyKid friends here at my blog.  

I will post weekly adventures, videos, fun activities and more here at so come by, read along, download some fun things and learn what it is like to be a StinkyKid..JUST LIKE YOU!!

Oh I almost forgot..come and learn all about the StinkyKids at  I hope to see you there.

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